Thousands of slot games are offered at Bitstrike Casino, supplied by many software companies, including three, five, six, and seven reel games. Many games are progressive, offering a progressive jackpot that changes every bet. The progressive jackpots offer different ways to win, randomly, with set symbols appearing when completing tasks. Many slot games at Bitstrike offer more than one jackpot, and some offer as many as four or five progressive jackpots. Every slot game has a theme and style seen in the background, layout, and symbols. Players can find themselves visiting ancient sites, going underwater and into the future, and enjoying fantasy and fictitious characters and superheroes.

Winning Opportunities in Slots Games at Bitstrike Casino

The winning opportunities are great and detailed in the game's paytable. Payouts are awarded for matching symbols on set paylines across multi-directional winning ways and when groups of symbols appear together on the reels. Additional bonuses, such as random bonus symbols awarding multiplying payouts, are given on and off-screen. Or players can trigger free spins, pick and win games, change and expand symbols and reels, instant bonus random payouts, bonus trails, bonus wheels, and more. Every game is full of winning opportunities and extra bonuses that may also include gambling buttons. The gamble button is a way to double or increase payouts by guessing suits or colors of cards, sides of virtual coins, or by spinning bonus wheels. Exciting experiences and interesting themes boost the fun when playing slots at Bitstrike Casino.